Green Gorgeous Peppermint Ahh!

peppermintPeppermint is my debuting oil today. The benefits of peppermint are wonderful. When I was little I loved those buttery mints served at baby showers (made with peppermint oil).

Peppermint will aid in digestion. put a few drops in a vegetarian capsule and swallow with water before a meal.

Peppermint also helps with headaches just rub some on your temples or back of your neck. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IT INTO YOUR EYES!!!! OUCH)

Adding 2-3 drops to warm or hot water with some honey makes a nice relaxing cup of tea.

Rubbing Peppermint to the bottoms of the feabout-peppermint-tea-benefitset may lower high temperature

Apply peppermint to poison oak or ivy rash to sooth irritation

Rubbing 4-6 drops over stomach and around navel may help indigestion, flatulence or diarrhea.

Applying a drop on unbroken skin may relieve itching

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And start feeling better. No one but you will take of you like you can. Do something for yourself. Be a better and stronger you.


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