Homeschooling Helps

Illustration depicting a green chalk board with a homeschooling concept.

Good Morning I wanted to introduce you this morning to another wonderfully useful website. If you do not do your school online or by computer but by textbook.. You can save thousands over the course of your homeschooling years by purchasing used books or trading online. This also helps other homeschooling moms and dads out. Go to to purchase used and new curriculum but mostly used. They also have an advice feature, you can give yours or get some from another parent. You can also sell your used curriculum. A win win for everyone. Go to the site and sign up, there are rules to follow but very easy to catch on. You can take payment through paypal or money order unless this has changed. Home schoolers are scrupulously honest. I have only had good experiences on and I hope you will too. God Blesshomeschool-house


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