Essential Oil for the Day!!!!! Young Livings R.C. Essential Oil

eucalyptus treeseucalyptus leavesToday’s featured oil is R.C.! What does that mean you might wonder? It means that young living took 3 unique varieties of Eucalyptus with other aromatics and created a must have oil called R.C. This oil is a must have for breathing problems. You can apply it to your chest, neck, and throat areas as needed. You can also diffuse R.C essential oil or place a few drops in steaming hot water and with a towel over your head inhale. An all natural breathing treatment.

R.C. also comes in the premium starter kit along with the other 9 oils lavender, peppermint, frankincense, lemon, copaiba, thieves, panaway, tea tree, purification. Also included a bonus bottle stress away with roller fitment. An awesome diffuser , I use nearly everyday. samples and magazine and the golden opportunity to become a young living distributor and save 24% on anything else you order. GET YOUR HERE (

I am no salesman, but I really believe young living essential oils make you feel better. If I didn’t believe it I wouldn’t sell it. I really believe essential oils help in everyday life. Making every snot nose, stuffy nose, aches and pains, chest congestion, thyroid problems, joint pain etc. There are so many benefits to using essential oils. I really am thankful  a nice lady introduced me to young living essential oils.


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