Homeschooling What a Calling

817488367Good morning Homeschool moms and dads!! I wanted to share another helpful tip with you this morning. It is a blessing to homeschool your children. I hope you don’t lose sight of this through the daily grind of whining and obstacles you face trying to get your children to want to learn. Sometimes its hard, but when they overcome whatever is giving them trouble it’s so rewarding to be there and watch their face light up at the knowing of something they couldn’t figure out.

If you buy curriculum brand new, I want to encourage you to buy it used. You help other homeschool moms and dads out and save yourself a lot of money. I know somethings you can’t purchase used but I never let my children write in workbooks, so we could always resale them and or reuse them with the next child in line. ebay is a great place to get good used curriculum In our area we have a bible book store Gullions that also sell new and used curriculum. You may also find good school books on and don’t forget Happy Homeschooling

If you need more info on homeschooling or need to ask a questions leave a comment below and check out my other blog posts.


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