Essential Oil of the Day “COPAIBA” BY young living essential oils

Closeup wounded Tree in forest


Today’s Highlighted essential oil is “Copaiba”. Now, if your like me I have never even heard of a copaiba tree. Let alone copaiba essential oil but you are never to old to learn something new. Unlike other essential oils, copaiba is tapped directly from the tree rather than distilled. Copaiba ( essential oil has a pleasant, complex taste, and when taken internally, it can promote overall wellness. Take Copaiba daily as an important part of a daily health regimen.

Add 1-2 drops of Copaiba to a vegetarian gel capsule and take internally daily to promote overall wellness.

Add 1 drop to an herbal tea such as chamomile or rooibos to enjoy the complex flavor and to support a healthy regimen.

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