Happy New Year!!!!!!

Praise The Lord! We made it another year. Our country is changing and unfortunately not for the better. I may not be able to change this whole world, but I’m gonna do my best to make a difference in the world I live in.

This year I started this blog and I hope you are enjoying it. I wanted to get the information out there about young living essential oils and share with you some of the things I use to home school my children. I am hoping for bigger and better things this year as I also opened an etsy shop called DinkyLoves. You can check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/people/dawnsullivan38

I love to crochet and I hope you will find something you can use. I will be adding lots of things to my shop this year and am going to be making some lip balms, lotion bars and other things to help you feel better with my essential oils. They will be added to the shop in the next few months. Thank you so much for checking out DinkyLoves. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY ETSY SHOP!

dinky loves

If you need any home school information please message me or comment. I have been homeschooling 17 years and am happy to help. I primarily use a christian curriculum. 817488367

If you want to learn about  young living essential oils please ask. I have found them very helpful. The best way to get started is purchasing a premium starter kit. I love mine. GET YOURS HERE: (http://yl.pe/32b9)premium starter kit


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